Consultancy and advisory services

Compass Maritime: Who Consultants call for market information and guidance

Our clients range from banks and private equity funds to oil majors and trading shops — to publicly traded owner/operators and single-asset owner/operators — to consultants and advisors alike.

We assess various maritime transactions, evaluate and plan for changing market conditions, provide information/intelligence to better understand specific maritime sectors and market sentiment, and more.

We’re not “just” sale & purchase brokers, nor do we only do chartering nor merely specialize in recycling. Our multidimensional exposure throughout the broader maritime industry gives us a vantage point unlike any other brokerage firm. Our unique insights elevate us beyond other brokerage firms to act as a true Consultancy/Advisory Firm while also offering all the benefits of a broker.

While understanding the big picture, our experts wade into the weeds and get granular to deal with day-to-day issues and unexpected road bumps. Our holistic approach distinguishes us from the other firms and cements our value as the ideal partner.