Jones Act Chartering

Compass Maritime is the Complete Package

In 2022, Compass Maritime negotiated the transportation of over 100,000,000 barrels of oil and gas cargos.

We embrace honesty, transparency, and a creative approach rooted in hustle and hard work. Charterers and owners benefit from our knowledge and industry-leading expertise. We’ve cultivated lasting relationships as we strive to add significant value with a proactive, hands-on approach to every deal.

Our partners and clients include public and private oil companies, refiners, trading shops, private equity groups, and hedge funds — as well as ship and barge owners. We provide solutions for transporting clean petroleum products and petrochemicals, dirty petroleum products and asphalt, crude oil, fertilizers, and liquified gasses throughout the U.S. inland and offshore markets.

Through our partnerships and proactive (not reactive) approaches, we’re able to help clients stay ahead of evolving markets. We identify and analyze potential problems in the market, providing guidance on various items like anticipated shipyard schedules of equipment, lock closures, refinery turnarounds schedules, seasonal — and unexpected — weather events, and waterway conditions.

Our involvement includes:

  • Working with clients through every Spot Fixture or Term Charter from equipment or cargo sourcing through completion of the voyage or Term Charter
  • Calculating voyage economics
  • Coordinating documentation and vetting requirements
  • Negotiating fair, equitable terms for all parties
  • Creating the Charter Party Recap terms and conditions and any applicable Addendums
  • Tracking daily equipment positions
  • Helping to facilitate payment of all outstanding invoices

Why Work With Us

Charterers and owners alike realize significant benefits to working with Compass Maritime. We’ve recently helped implement a variety of creative structures, including profit sharing agreements, penalty-free re-delivery clauses, re-let clauses, and contracts of affreightment.

We know that clear and consistent communication is vital to success, especially when we’re helping clients navigate diverse challenges within the shipping industry. Our multidimensional team offers advice and solutions, working closely with clients to help address their needs.

Because our involvement in every deal begins with step one and continues through completion, we offer an extra set of eyes, benefitting both sides throughout the entire transaction.

We’re committed to providing our clients with best-in-class service while presenting the most beneficial and creative deals. Please call us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals and allow us to demonstrate our value-add.