Compass Maritime acts on behalf of various creditors and attorneys in collaboration with auction sales associated with the United States Marshals Services. We have experience in both generic and unconventional auctions.

Utilizing our proprietary network of over 2,000 banks, brokers, domestic and international ship owners, law, and private equity firms, our team executes advertising campaigns to a broad, yet targeted, market of prospective buyers.

In our role, the marketing team’s objective is to maximize price. Our team operates with transparency to eliminate any ambiguity, educating interested parties about an asset’s technical qualities, while vetting qualified potential buyers and keeping the creditors informed throughout the process.

Why Choose Us

An auction process is not a science — it is truly an art form. One of the biggest issues in an auction process is recouping as much money as possible while limiting the expenses prior to the auction and managing the expectations of all participants. We balance the due diligence process while guiding the creditors on the proper approach.

National Maritime Services

We have a strategic alliance with National Maritime Services, which is fully equipped to assist in vessel arrest and recovery. National Maritime Services acts as custodian after an arrest to oversee crew provisions, fueling and all other necessary, ongoing vessel-related operations. Our partnership with National Maritime Services benefits creditors by helping streamline the auction process and manage expenses prior to the successful auction.

Current and Past Clients

We have sold assets at public auction on behalf of clients in various jurisdictions, including:

  • The Supreme Court of Bermuda
  • The Federal Court in Vancouver, British Columbia 
  • Numerous U.S. District courts including the:
    • District of New Jersey
    • District of Maryland
    • Eastern and Middle Districts of Louisiana
    • Middle District of Florida, Tampa 
    • Northern District of California
    • Southern District of Alabama
    • Southern and Eastern Districts of New York
    • Southern District of Texas
    • U.S. District Court of Puerto Rico